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Stem Cell Therapy: A Brief Explanation 2017-08-14T20:36:51+00:00

Stem Cell Therapy: A Brief Explanation

Stem cell therapy is a treatment that involves strong forms of regenerative medicine that recreates and repairs cartilage, ligaments, and tissue that has been damaged; and does so naturally. This effective and safe form of treatment that will reinvigorate your life and promote overall well-being and health is now offered at Prime Spine and Orthopedics in Gilbert, AZ.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cells are unique cells that are found in the human body that have some incredible abilities that are extremely important. They get rid of inflammation as well as repair tissue that has been damaged. Because of the fact that your ligaments, joints, cartilage, muscles, and bones are perpetually breaking down as a result of natural wear and tear, the body uses stem cells as it continually puts forth effort toward the regeneration of these damaged components. How do stem cells aid the body in doing this? The answer is because they have anti-inflammatory properties in addition to supplying powerful analgesic agents. These properties allow them to basically transform into cells with all the essential makeup that allow them to fix damaged tissue and promote the growth of strong tissue.

What Are The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy?

There are many. Not only does it present an image of an alternative and drug-free treatment that has virtually no side effects, it also provides real and lasting relief from things life joint pain, arthritis, and neuropathy. It can also give significant relief from many chronic diseases: diabetes, Parkinson’s, various forms of cancer, and heart disease, for example. Chiropractors on staff at Prime Spine and Orthopedics will provide detailed explanations of everything a stem cell treatment will involve as well as answer any and all questions you have upon setting up a consultation appointment. Another incredible benefit of stem cell therapy is that the average treatment is begins and ends within the space of 30 minutes, and most of the time there is absolutely no recovery time afterward.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Better Than Cortisone Injections?

Cortisone injections have very real positive effects, especially where osteoarthritis is concerned. However, these periods of relief post-injection are usually temporary. In addition, a patient who receives multiple cortisone injections will more than likely experience some negative side effects that can include weight gain, dizziness, and headaches. Cortisone injections are also known to suppress the recipient’s immune system which typically result in various types of recurring infections. Many recent studies have shown that patients who use cortisone long-term are at a greater risk for musculoskeletal injuries as the cortisone encourages joint degeneration faster than is natural.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Better Than Joint Replacement Surgery?

Patients who engage in stem cell therapy have a very strong track record of postponing or possibly erasing all together the potential need for getting joint replacement surgery. It does this by bolstering the regeneration process of tissue that has been damaged. This isn’t to say that in many cases joint replacement surgery won’t become mandatory, because often it does for some people based on their own unique circumstance. However, the majority of patients who undergo these types of surgeries develop blood clots and scarring, not to mention that failure rates are much higher where implantation is concerned. A long road of rehabilitation is usually ahead of those who have no other choice but to get joint replacement surgery.


If you feel that you could benefit from stem cell therapy or would like to know more about how this incredible treatment can help you, call Prime Spine and Orthopedic now at (855) 887-7463.

stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy: A Brief Explanation

Stem Cell Therapy

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