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Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Knee or Joint Injuries

More than a billion cells make up the human body. Specialized cells form specific organs like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone. Every single day, these cells degenerate and regenerate; as older cells die, new cells are born from stem cells with the unique capability to create multiple types of other cells. However, when tissues are injured, the degenerative process exceeds this regenerative process, resulting in structures that become weaker, painful and less functional. Stem Cell Therapy can be used to treat and repair cartilage, ligaments, bones and other such injuries.

Most Commonly Treated Knee and Joint Injuries

Below is a list of the most common knee injuries and conditions that we treat with stem cells or platelet procedures. This is not an all-inclusive list.

 What Are The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy?

There are many. Not only does it present an image of an alternative and drug-free treatment that has virtually no side effects, it also provides real and lasting relief from knee or joint pain, among other injuries. Chiropractors on staff at Prime Spine and Orthopedics will provide detailed explanations of everything a stem cell treatment will involve as well as answer any and all questions you have upon setting up a consultation appointment. Another incredible benefit of stem cell therapy is that the average treatment is begins and ends within the space of 30 minutes, and most of the time there is absolutely no recovery time afterward.


If you feel that you could benefit from stem cell therapy or would like to know more about how this incredible treatment can help you, call Prime Spine and Orthopedic now at (855) 887-7463.

Stem Cell Therapy: A Brief Explanation

Stem Cell Therapy