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What is Cervical Spine Surgery?

Cervical spine surgery is performed for patients who have experienced an injury to the neck area, have a misaligned vertebrae, or patients who have had other procedures done and need a follow up. Furthermore, cervical spine surgery involves joining bones in the neck to create one bone. Much like other surgeries, follow your doctor and his preparations when it comes to getting ready for cervical spine surgery.

What to Expect

Remember, spinal fusion surgeries are usually a worse case scenario to attempt to relieve back pain symptoms. Like other back surgeries, cervical surgery is performed while a patient is unconscious and involves an incision, vertebrae removal, and fusion. Following surgery, patients are home within two to three days and on pain medications. Recovery often depends on the patient and their situation but most cases require two to four months. Most patients in cervical fusion surgery see a significant decrease in pain and discomfort.

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