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What is a Laminectomy?

Laminectomy is a surgery that is performed to widen the spinal canal by removing the lamina, or the back part of the vertebrae. Laminectomy is chosen by patients who have bone growths that narrow and pinch the spinal cord causing weakness or numbness in the back along with the loss of bowel control. As with most surgeries, be conscious of your doctor’s preparation requests and follow them strictly.

What to Expect

Laminectomy is performed while you are unconscious and involves an incision, removal of bone, and sometimes spinal fusions. After the surgery, patients can return home the same day. Pain can be significant for a couple days following surgery, especially in the lower back. Avoid bending over and prolonged sitting, such as car or plane rides due to the chances of blood clots. Most people that undergo laminectomy surgery experience a vast improvement in back pain symptoms.

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